Every day for generations, in a small street in the center of Rome, a framer's shutter is lowered at 1pm and the workbench is transformed into a warm Italian dining table. For the daily event, a choir of artisan excellences gathers, from the restorer of prestigious furniture, the carpenter, the Russian artist, religiously arranged in a circle awaiting the course of the day. Conversations alternate and overlap on current events, on the meaning of life, on the technical possibilities for obtaining that precise anthracite glaze, on the project of opening a cigarette filter company in Indonesia and changing one's life. In the back of the shop, expert hands chop ingredients and mix them in an alchemical agreement, while above a camping stove stands a large pot full of boiling water. The lights in the hall go out, the audience holds their breath in silence, a beam of divine light cuts across the stage, drawing plays of light and shadow on the actors... lunch it's ready!

The Lunch